ZenRF provides our customers and suppliers with an open and transparent working relationship, complementing components, systems and service's requirements with technical engineering support and microwave design capabilities within a customer focused environment.  

  • Working  in partnership with our customers to ensure we deliver products & solutions to meet our customers needs
  • Partnerships with leading edge technology companies tailored to provide off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions
  • Providing a unique combination of COTS products, systems, services and design capabilities
  • RF and Microwave Components, EMF, Direction Finding and Industrial Radar product lines 
  • Keeping you up to speed with the latest Technology and Science available today
  • Value for money solutions tailored to your operational and financial needs
  • An agile and innovative organisation to support your requirements

How ZenRF can help?

RF & Microwave Design


ZenRF can provide full RF and Microwave Design capability using an allocated RF Designer for your project, working with you as if they are your own employee, without the usual overheads, available on a project by project basis.

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Intelligent Radar Solutions


ATTINGIMUS Intelligent Radar solutions design, produce and customise 24 GHz commercial Radar modules. AT's strength is intelligent signal processing for application specific needs, offering standard and customised solutions. 

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EMF & Spectrum Monitoring


SYSDYNE provides advanced analysis solutions for EMF, Spectrum Monitoring and SIGINT with experience in the test and measurement area.  Fixed and Mobile options, with easy to use mapping based software.

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RF Components


ZenRF has a range of RF and Microwave Components, Antennas, Amplifiers etc needed to support system development. 

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Solid State Amplifiers


COMTECH PST Corp designs, develops and manufactures solid-state high-power amplifiers.  Serving a variety of high tech markets including defence, wireless and satellite comms, EMC testing, cellular/ PCS instrumenation and medical testing systems.

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Monitoring & Direction Finding


YUANHAN TECHNOLOGIES provide a range of high performance Spectrum Monitoring and Direction Finding capabilities to meet the ever expanding demands in the RF arena as every day seems to bring new and emerging signal challenges.

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