Comtech PST


Comtech PST Corp. (CPST) designs, develops, and manufactures solid-state high-power amplifiers. Serving a variety of domestic and international high technology markets including defense, wireless and satellite communications, cellular and PCS instrumentation, lectromagnetic compatibility testing, and medical testing systems.

Located in Melville, NY, Comtech PST’s facility is a modern, 46,000 square-foot structure that provides office space for our corporate office as well as engineering and manufacturing for the Comtech PST Division  

Products & Capabilities

Comtech PST’s focus on making superior solid state amplifiers has led to the development of a versatile and highly reliable product line.  Whether your needs include amplifier module
building blocks, rack-mounted amplifier units, or complete amplifier systems, our standard and customized solid-state power amplifier products provide the flexible effective solution.

Comtech PST offers solid-state power amplifiers in frequency ranges from 1 MHz through 3.0 GHz, with output power levels ranging from 5 watts to over 30 kW.  While offering standard products to serve a variety of markets and applications, at times a custom-designed amplifier may be required.  Comtech's highly-skilled engineering staff possesses the knowledge and ability to design and develop cost-effective custom solutions to meet your solid state power amplifier requirements

Customer Service

Comtech PST Corp. is, above all, committed to our customer’s satisfaction. This responsibility
is woven into the corporate fabric with our technical expertise, defined quality standards, and production of versatile and highly reliable solid state amplifiers. Comtech PST’s commitment does not stop at delivery.

Comtech has a dedicated customer service staff to continually support all of our products. They are here to satisfy the needs of our customers. This includes performing warranty and out of-warranty repairs, providing spare parts information, answering equipment installation and operation questions, and providing technical documentation and training as required. 

With the resources and corporate backing of Comtech   Telecommunications, you can rest
assured that any products you purchase from Comtech PST will be supported for years to come.

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