The DF-20M-8G-SYS has been designed for high-speed monitoring and direction finding system operating across a wide frequency range. Its high performance receivers means that bearings of short-duration signals and fast, frequency agile transmitters operating at unknown frequencies are detected with a high probability of intercept, increasing the opportunity to obtain a line of bearing onto the signal of interest from the location of the DF equipment. 

Key Specifications

  • High DF accuracy, sensitivity and improved immunity to reflections 
  • High DF scan speed due to real-time bandwidth (VHF/UHF/SHF) 
  • Easy integration into mobile platforms due to compact size and optional DC power supply 
  • Direction finding of signals in the frequency range up to 3 GHz 
  • Monitoring of signals of interest up to 8GHz
  • Geolocation of signals of interest can be achieved 

Product Datasheet

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