Yuanhan Technologies

In today’s RF arena, every day seems to bring new and emerging signal challenges to regulators, security and other radio spectrum monitoring specialists. This continuing change is why a the advanced technology developed Yuanhan Technologies, which offer future proofed capabilities offer them a new highly effective option in the field.

The combination of known tested and trialled technologies alongside new developments in RF Direction Finding hardware and next generation software, the Yuanhan product range offers a solution that is easy to learn, simple to operate, and highly effective at surveying, detecting, visualising, recording and reporting signals of interest.

The intelligent hardware supported by powerful and easy to use software provides intelligent Spectrum Monitoring that can provide accurate Spectrum Mapping results for detailed analysis to support decision making.  

Yuanhan EMEA Sales Office

Yuanhan's operation is expanding on a global basis as the demand for Spectrum Monitoring and Direction Finding capabilities expands.

ZenRF have partnered with Yuanhan to provide their Regional Sales Office for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. 

Please send enquiries via yuanhan@zenrf.co.uk 

Direction Finding

Yuanhan offers a comprehensive approach for the location of a wide range of signals of interest.  

What does it take to find your way through the RF noise in today's spectrum, where ever you may be.  To find where that signal  of interest is situated? 

It takes the effective integration of fast, sensitive hardware and innovative software, all available through ZenRF from Yuanhan.

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Spectrum Monitoring

The RF spectrum is not a finite resource what ever people think!  It is becoming a increasingly valuable and crowded resource, critical for a wide range of commercial, military and security applications. 

Yuanhan's range of versatile powerful RF monitoring and data systems can provide you with that real-time information allowing you to make operational decision to enable efficient spectrum operations.  

Contact us on yuanhan@zenrf.co.uk for more information....