RFaz Scanner

The RFaz Scanner is a vehicle mounted solution for discrete, automated RF spectrum surveillance and surveying over wide geographic areas. The monitoring system is mounted within a commercially available roof-box so can be easily interchanged between vehicles, in addition to the monitoring being carried out in a covert manner. 

The EMF levels are measured, along with time and location details, using high speed electromagnetic field strength measurement devices with tri-axial isotropic antennas operating across the 30 MHz to 6 GHz band. The recorded data can be classified against a referenced spectrum plan, with each frequency channel displaying field strength. The operator is provided with a graphical interface displaying the electromagnetic field strength relative to its location and time. Field strength distribution and spectrum power levels can also be analysed and displayed. 

In addition to the EMF Monitoring, the RoofBox can simultaneously carry out Spectrum Monitoring. The RFaz Scanner for spectrum monitoring covers frequency range from 20MHz to 6GHz, utilising a high-performance receiver capturing real-time spectrum data. It gathers spectrum power density based on accurate GPS based time and location, recorded locally within the Scanner. 

Server based software can then be used to process both EMF and signal level, providing the user with the powerful software tools for the user to carry out in-depth analysis of the results captured, with the results displayed on a simple to use interface.  

EMF Monitoring

Frequency range 30 MHz to  6 GHz

Sensor type Triaxial. Isotropic antenna system

Measurement range 0.005 to 200 V/m

Resolution 0.001 V/m

Overall anisotropy < 2.5 dB to 3.5 GHz, < 3.5 dB to 6 GHz

Spectrum Monitoring

Real-time spectrum monitoring 

Frequency Range -  10 MHz to 6 GHz

20 MHz instantaneous bandwidth

Embedded Linux system

Noise figures at maximum sensitivity

10 MHz to 3 GHz     8 dB typical

3 GHz to 6 GHz       11 dB typical

Product Datasheet

Detailed Technical Info available via the download document below: 

RFaz Scanner Brochure

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