Sysdyne Advanced Technologies

SYSDYNE provides advanced analysis solutions for EMF Monitoring; EMF Health and Safety; Spectrum Monitoring; SIGINT and the Test and Measurement area. 

Sysdyne can deliver off-the-shelf products along with customised systems using advanced new technologies for EMF area scanning, monitoring and signal detection, health and safety monitoring and Geo-location with low SWaP solutions.

The Sysdyne RFaz solutions have been provided to many Military and Government customers to date for EMF and SIGINT area with valuable advantages and benefits. 

Sysdyne EMEA Sales Office

Sysdyne’s sales operations are expanding on a global basis as the demand for EMF Monitoring grows, driven by the Health & Safety issues raised. 

ZenRF have partnered with Sysdyne to provide their Regional Sales Office for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Office region. 

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EMF Monitoring

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a cause of concern for many people. Its likely remain on the scientific and political agenda as emissions continue to change both in characteristics and levels as new infrastructure deployments, smart environments and novel wireless devices are rolled out. Until now, systematic and coordinated efforts to monitor EMF exposure are rare and therefore virtually nothing is known about personal exposure levels. This lack of knowledge is detrimental for any evidence-based risk, exposure and health policy, management and communication.

With this new range of equipment this evidence can now be easily gathered from a fixed or mobile situation, with the results displayed in an effective and efficient manner.

EMF Area Monitoring with SDSM-6000

RFaz SMON SDSM-6000 is a frequency selective EMF monitoring instrument to measure the electromagnetic field strength to monitor the long-term EMF exposure to human beings. The analysis frequency range is from 30 MHz to 6 GHz.  

The RFaz SMON SDSM-6000 is the most advanced solution available to meet the growing demand for monitoring the EMF both remotely and selectively, to avoid the continuous surveillance of sites by technical personnel. 

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Broadband EMF Monitoring with SDBM-3000

RFaz Broadband is a remote EMF strength measurement system that measures electromagnetic wave strength in the range 100 KHz to 3 GHz. 

Applying low power consumption techniques, the unit can operate stand-alone for approx 10 days. However, by utilising the solar panels options to charge the batteries the system can operate indefinitely without additional power supply in normal sunlight.

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EMF Mobile Monitoring

The RFaz Scanner is a vehicle mounted solution for discrete, automated EMF & RF spectrum surveillance.

EMF and Spectrum Power levels are measured and collected using high speed electromagnetic field strength measurement receivers with tri-axial isotropic antenna situated alongside high performance intelligent spectrum receivers with wide band omni antennas, mounted within a standard roof box suitable for mounting on a vehicle.

Operating across the 30 MHz to 6 GHz band for electromagnetic radiation, whilst also covering the frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz for spectrum RF activity, both being collected simultaneously. 

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