RF Design Services

Frustrated by the lack of RF & Microwave design in your business?

Concerned at the cost of employing a full-time RF engineer?

Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at existing issues?

Even looking at the art of the possible to aid your future product road-map?

ZenRF can provide you with the right support in response across these challenging aspects of RF & Microwave Design, covering a range of technologies and markets. It's vital that your technology brings commercial advantage to your business - no amount of radio technology is worthwhile if it does not add value. For this reason, we focus on helping high tech companies working with complex RF and microwave design projects looking for the expertise and design help that we can cost effectively bring to your design programme. We typically work with companies that are missing the in-house expertise and are looking for help on a project or consultancy basis, so that they can develop products and designs as cost effectively and as quickly as their market demands. 

Consultancy Services

ZenRF, through it Design Partners, can support and assist high-tech companies by providing RF, microwave, analogue and electronic product design consultancy services including but not limited to:

  • Radio frequency (RF), microwave, analogue and electronic circuit design (DC – 20GHz)
  • Radio transceiver architecture design including ADC/DAC, High Performance Switches, Antenna and many more...
  • RF systems design including systems analysis, simulation and modelling, preparing specification documentation and many more....
  • Test services (pre-compliance, performance, air-interface verification, phase noise)

Supplying independent specialist advice, onsite contractor experts and RF consulting we are keen to work wit you on your design requirements.


With over 40 years in the RF Design field with a strong history of delivering new products from cutting-edge science, ZenRF's partners have the development experience to assist you in  creating solutions to overcome complex engineering challenges. Using our broad range of skills, we collaborate with clients to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards for robustness, reliability and ease of manufacture.

Trusted by our customers we innovate from concept to commercial readiness, giving our clients significant advantage when taking their products and solutions to market.  

Concept Generation

Based on the back of the many years of hands on experience in both the design, implementation and operation of RF and Microwave Systems.

A concept can be an idea that's resolves a customers problem or enhances a solution. It can be a simple solution, a partial solution or even a right field wild idea which needs more investigations.  A good concept generation process should produce all of the above.

ZenRF can implement, manage and drive these processes to ensure the the most  commercially effective solution is achieved. We can even take the "idea" through to full prototype and even full manufacture.


A component or system topology refers to its physical or electrical configuration and how it integrates with the rest of the components or other sub-systems to effectively connect together.

ZenRF, using its experience and knowledge, can work with you to understand the preferred design to suit your requirements.

If you are looking to bring onboard your own inhouse RF Engineer, ZenRF can assist in the recruiting, interviewing and selection of your own RF team. 


With literally millions of websites and patents posted out there already there are vast networks of databases to access that allow you to understand what technology is already out there today, possibly look into the technical aspects of your competitors work , even maybe spot any trends regarding specific technologies in your market place which could be of interest to you.

This vast array of information is rarely used effectively but ZenRF can provide you with a proactive reporting service to ensure you are always up to date with the developments in your field.


As the market is flooded with new technology in what seems like every field, its nearly impossible to keep up to speed on all of them in your field.

ZenRF can identify your needs regarding specific products or solutions for example, carry out full technical assessments regarding the feasibility and suitability in meeting your needs, making recommendations as to what would be the right solution to move forward with.

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