Your Brand

How are you viewed by your customers?

Anything and Everything that you do as a business or as an individual within a business should be geared towards selling your products, services or expertise at the right price for your customer and your business.

When you need to introduce or even reinvent your brand, let ZenRF help you design and implement brand identity guidelines that can be used across your business to allow you to set you apart from your competitors, appeal to your target customer base and build loyalty among your clients.  

Your brand is the way your customers perceive your business. How do you make your brand stand out? ZenRF can review, report, recommend and assist in building your brand to maximise your opportunities by presenting a professional presence to your current and prospective customers. 

Your Brand?

Building a brand is much much more than developing an attractive logo or a funky modern theme, far from it in fact.  Its about how you define your company into the wider marketplace to your customers and prospective customers, how it's perceived.  It covers how you present yourself, the style you use, how you communicate and interact with your customers , but also how successful you are in delivering what you offer with your products, promises and services, highlighting and promoting your core values and your style of operation. A recognised and respected brand is vital to your success.

Our Help!

Having a great brand identity on paper is one thing, however positioning your brand to make a difference in today’s market place is another thing altogether. It can take a different perspective, a second set of eyes, a special skill set along with high level expertise to make the most of what you have. 

Always starting with getting to understand what your objectives are, we work alongside your brand owners, delivering insight and experience to the activity. We can assist with design and planning, through to the development stages, supporting implementation and of course once in place the important ongoing management and regular review of the brand across your environment.

Branding Support



We can carry out an assessment of your branding. At kick-off we will review your current offering; dig into your business verticals and get a good understanding of the market place you are active in. Based on this key info we can better understand the type of customer you are looking for and assist you in reaching out to them.  



Reviewing and standardising your existing company brand usage, logo , web presence along with any digital and printed materials to see how you represent your company across multiple platforms, to present a recognised offering is important.  We can design and prepare Branding Guidelines covering all aspects of using and implementing your brand.



Your logo can be the first touch your prospects might make with your company.  We can work with you to produce a powerful logo for your organisation.  A logo that is key to your presence in the wider market place.



"A picture is worth a thousand words” they say!  However making sure that you are preparing effective collateral for your customers and prospects is priceless. Clear communication of your key messages and offerings which align with your target audience can aid in positioning you as a market leader in your arena. 

We can assist you in the preparation of your range of collateral from Business Cards and Datasheet Template Design through to completed brochures and exhibition collateral.



Brand management is an art of creating and sustaining the brand. Branding makes customers committed to your business. A strong brand differentiates your products from the competitors.

Regular interaction with ZenRF and your marketing and branding team can be implemented to ensure that your brand is being maximised.



A good brand does not stand still, ongoing review and reporting on its performance against SLA's can be included.

Web-site page performance, Product Datasheet updates, presentation slides can be edited within the guidelines to ensure that best results and the right messages are presented to the wider world.

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