Speed Monitoring

Product Summary

Traditional techniques monitoring the spinning of wheels etc. creating inaccurate speed measurements. The “AT-SOG75-1111-P” speed over ground radar is designed to be mounted on the vehicle itself. 

General Description

This Attingimus radar unit mounted on a vehicle will provide accurate speed measurement.  Every 10 ms the radar can issue speed and direction data. The speed over ground corresponds with a pulse frequency rate. Filtering on signal strength and distance to the radar makes this a very robust speed measurement radar.

Every meter of travel distance corresponds to 16 pulses. This is a default value which is configurable by Attingimus or the customer. The pulses have a 50% duty cycle.  The height of the pulses in volt equals the supply voltage. By measuring only the Doppler and therefore speeds at a specific range, reliable speed measurements are assured. A relatively small speed can already be measured; the minimum speed is 10 cm per second.


General technical data

  • Supply voltage: +10 to 30V, 12V (typ.)
  • Supply current: 140mA (typ.)
  • Maximum transmit power: 20dBm (EIRP)
  • ETSI 300 / 440 compliant with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Antenna beam: 11º x 11º (+/-5,5º x +/-5,5º)
  • Pulse Output: 16 pulses per travelled meter (configurable)
  • Sensitive distance: 1.5m...3.5m
  • Speed area: -80m/s...+80m/s (+/- 178mph/288kph)
  • Minimum speed: 0.10m/s
  • Accuracy: 0.5%


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