Collision Avoidance

Product Summary

Detect moving and stationary obstacles located in six predefined and configurable zones located behind the vehicle, warning the operator via a monitoring system

General Description

The AT-CAS50-1190S is an anti-collision radar unit. This
specific radar works utilising two separate units, detecting objects in six pre-defined zones.  Information on the detected objects is presented to the operator via a serial line output. The radar will present the range of the nearest targets in the data packet to the monitoring device.

The AT-CAS50-1190S radars standard configuration is suitable for vehicles with a relatively larger wheel base ie Trucks, Tractors etc...  The width of the vehicle setup for the radar, can be customised to meet your specific application. The radars' on board intelligence combines the measurements from the two radar units to create a rectangular detection field with the 6 zones of detection.



General technical data

  • ETSI 300 / 440 compliant with 250MHz bandwidth
  • Antenna beam: 11º x 90º (+/-5,5º x +/-45º) 
  • Detection range: 0.2m to 30m (configurable)
  • Vehicle width: 2m to 4m (configurable)
  • Sensitivity: Detecting a child
  • Resolution: +/- 20cm
  • Waterproof and vibration proof
  • Supply voltage: 9 to 30V
  • Supply current: 130mA (typ.)
  • Output voltage (RS422): 5V (diff.)
  • Transmit frequency: 24.000 – 24.250GHz
  • Max. transmit power: 20dBm (EIRP)



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